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teaching psychic/ spiritual development logically
and business spiritually

Connect with your spirit guides through free meditation

  • ☙ You have clarity and confidence when it comes to your psychic abilities,
  • ☙ You can easily contact your guides (and the guides of your clients),
  • ☙ Your spiritual business is aligned and thriving

What if you could:

Master your psychic abilities

Call on your guides

Grow your confidence and your business

Meet Your Psychic Business Mentor

I’m from Romany heritage and have been taught everything I know directly from Spirit- via my Guide and Great Grandmother Drusilla.

For over two decades, I’ve had the joy and privilege of running a spiritual business and I now help others to monetise their gifts while helping others.
I also offer Psychic Readings for guidance, as well as teaching Palmistry, Past Life Regression, and Reiki!
I was born with the psychic gift and subconsciously used it as a child. I always felt different and sometimes out of place!

I realised in my teens I could see, hear and feel things others couldn’t. I was called a ‘weirdo’ because of this. So I mostly hid my abilities.

In my late teens and early 20’s, I rebelled and didn’t listen to my guides! That didn’t go well but that’s a story for another time!

When I was 23, I did start to listen and my life started to get a hell of a lot better!

These days I help those who wish to develop their abilities. I teach my clients in the safest way possible. Very often they are scared of their abilities. I teach my clients to protect themselves before they even look at a pack of Tarot cards!

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