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Teaching psychic & spiritual development logically
and business spiritually

Connect with your spirit guides through this free meditation

  • ☙ You have clarity and confidence when it comes to your psychic abilities,
  • ☙ You can easily contact your guides (and the guides of your clients),
  • ☙ Your spiritual business is aligned and thriving

What if you could:

Master your psychic abilities

Call on your guides

Grow your spiritual business

Meet Your Psychic Business Mentor

I’m Rachael Rawnsley, a Psychic Business MentorReiki Master, and Past Life Therapist.

I’ve been psychic since I was three years old!

Over the years, I developed my skills with the help of my Spirit Guide and Great Grandmother: Granny Drusilla.

As a Romani descendent, it’s in my blood- but for 20 years, it’s also been my business.

In a world where spirituality has become a buzzword and people sell fake Reiki certifications online, my commitment to integrity, authenticity, and celebrating uniqueness has created a safe haven for others to embrace their own gifts and callings.

From Reiki to Palmistry to building a spiritual business, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to unlock their gifts, grow their confidence, and embrace new possibilities.

I’d love to help you, too.

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