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Are you ready to develop your Psychic Abilities?

The magic is within you...

Since I was a little girl, I could feel, see and talk to spirit.
Over the years I’ve developed my gift with the help of my Great Granny Drusilla – one of my main spirit guides.
She has taught me everything I know – from spirit!

I now want to teach you!

Join My Psychic Development

Are you looking to develop your Psychic Abilities?

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like with a guide to support you?

Tapping into your psychic abilities can provide you with the guidance you need for your every day life.

Perhaps you struggle with your confidence? Your emotions? (You might have even convinced yourself that you’re not gifted!)

Learning Reiki healing is an essential part of your psychic development as it can protect you as well as enhance your talents as you practise and grow.

You’ll be able to self-heal and help others – should you wish to.

You can also learn the art of Palmistry, connect with your Spirit Guides, and some even turn their abilities into a business – like I did.

Starting an online spiritual business can be complicated- but not if you know where to start!

You’ll find all that guidance, as well as community, right here.

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Overwhelm-free Psychic Development

When you join My Psychic Development, first of all I assess where you are on your psychic and spiritual journey.
Then, together, we can come up with a plan of action to get you started.

Whether it’s learning Reiki for protection, grounding and heightening your abilities or moving on to learning a new tool. Palmistry is my favourite tool!
I do, however, teach cards, runes, working with angels, pendulums, crystals and much more.

Everyone is different and resonates with a specific tool.

Join My Psychic Development

Here’s what my clients say about My Psychic Development

I only met Rachael a few months ago. Prior I had been struggling for a few years. So I decided to make the investment. And I have never looked back. Her style of Reiki has opening so many doors for me. I've had numerous more guides come forward. And with her mentorship I've took the leap to start working publicly. I've also begin developing physical mediumship which is a big leap forward from just a few short months ago being a struggling trance medium. I can’t recommend her enough.


Thanks to working with Rachael I have begun to hear and listen to my guides again, something that I had almost completely closed off as I grew into adulthood. I no longer feel so alone and lost. I’m more able to focus and feel confident in ideas that come to me, which has helped my ability to develop my businesses and improve my self confidence. I am also learning Reiki thanks to Rachael’s programme and as a menopausal woman am finding this very helpful with self healing and improving my sleep. I hope that soon I will be able to help others too as I progress further through this. I enjoy the variety of topics covered in the programme, with a range of guest speakers, which is constantly being added to. Rachael provides a nurturing, safe and delightful group and I’m very happy I became a member, and looking forward to continuing my psychic development with her.


When you join My Psychic Development, you get a group clarity call.

This is where we map out your starting journey.

Then, GRANNY DRUSILLA steps in with her infinite wisdom with a mini palm reading!

She’ll answer 3-4 questions you may have about a specific area of your life that you want to change and improve.

Join My Psychic Development

Meet Rachael, your host

I’m Rachael Rawnsley, a Psychic Business Mentor, Reiki Master, and Past Life Therapist.

I’ve been psychic since I was three years old! Over the years, I developed my skills with the help of my spirit guide and Great Grandmother: Granny Drusilla.

As a Romani descendent, it’s in my blood- but for 20 years, it’s also been my business. 

In a world where spirituality has become a buzzword and people sell fake Reiki certifications online, my commitment to integrity, authenticity, and celebrating uniqueness has created a safe haven for others to embrace their own gifts and callings. 

This is a safe space for us all to explore that further.

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If you decide to pay annually you will also get REIKI MASTERSHIP or a PAST LIFE REGRESSION course included, plus a FULL PALM READING!

If you pay monthly, Reiki 1 & 2 are included with your Group Clarity Call and Mini Palm Reading.

If you chose the VIP plan, you get a monthly 1:1 Mastermind call and palm reading. As an extra VIP bonus, you can choose from Reiki Mastership or Past Life Therapy course.

10 signs you are a healer
Akashic Records Meditation
Angels V Spirit Guides
Business Workshop - Social Media
Chakra Cleanse Meditation
Confidence Live with Kate Hogan
EFT Masterclass with Alastair Roshan Ballentyne
Grounding meditation
Human Design live with Guna Meldere
Live with Alastair Roshan Ballentyne - Law of Attraction Parts 1 & 2
Live with Aleksandra Dahai - Sanomentology Masterclass
Live with Alexia Rock - Spiritual Mindset
Live with Alison Smith - Astrology Masterclass
Live with Anne Hall - Positively Introverted Mindset Masterclass
Live with Dawn Hylton - Meditation Reset Masterclass
Live with Beth Hewitt - Visualisation Masterclass & Meditation
Live with CiCi Reagan - Learn how to journal
Live with Deanna - Hypnotherapy with brainwaves
Live with Deanna Marie - Witchery Masterclass
Live with Diana MatrixAlchimia - Divine Feminine Archetypes
Live with Emily Ellis - Breathing Masterclass
Live with Emma Doorish - Inner Child Meditation
Live with Hannah Walker - Power Hour Masterclass
Live with Hattie Rose Blake - Mindset Masterclass
Live with Jamie Taylor - 13 secrets to Confidence & Power
Live with Laura Anne Renwick - Astro Colour System Masterclass
Live with Margaret Bell - Spiritual Eating
Live with Marie-Claire Ashcroft - Selfie Masterclass
Live with Michael Reed - Astrology Masterclass
Live with Natalie Walker - Reiki with drumming
Live with Sally Haynes-Preece - I Ching Masterclass
Love Manifestation
Meet your guides meditation
Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifestation Live
Money Manifestation
Onboarding & Clarity call
Palmistry - Part 1
Palmistry - Part 2
Psychic Masterminds
Quick 5 minute Energy tuition
Reiki 1 course
Reiki 2 course
Runes course
Sky Meditation - meet your loved ones
Tarot Masterclass with Alastair Roshan Ballentyne
The Divine 15 - The Archangels
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My Psychic Development LightCommunity and content

£ 22

Per Month

My Psychic DevelopmentLive calls with Rachael

£ 55

Per Month

My Psychic DevelopmentAnnual Plan

£ 555

Per Year(Save 16%)

My Psychic Development VIP

£ 222

Per Month

My Psychic Development VIPAnnual Plan

£ 2222

Per Year
(Save 17%)