Reiki 1 and 2 bundle

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Promote personal and spiritual growth, protect your energy, and find healing and harmony.

Studying and getting attuned to Reiki is a significant step for those who wish to practice Reiki healing, and provides a solid foundation and protection practise for all psychics and healers.

This bundle not only includes all the information you need to practise Reiki successfully, but you will also receive your attunement one-to-one with Rachael herself!

(Attunements are energy initiations or ceremonies performed by a Reiki master or teacher.)

How Reiki can help you

  1. Access to Universal Life Force Energy: Reiki attunements open and align your energy channels
  2. Enhanced Healing Abilities: Through attunements, you receive a boost in your ability to harness and transmit healing energy
  3. Self-Healing and Personal Growth: Reiki can support your personal growth, release blockages, and promote inner harmony.
  4. Energetic Protection and Cleansing: Reiki attunements can strengthen your energetic boundaries and provide a sense of protection
  5. Connection to a Lineage and Reiki Community: Attunements connect you to a community of fellow Reiki practitioners with whom you can share experiences, learn, and grow
  6. Personal Empowerment: By becoming attuned, you gain the ability to offer healing energy to yourself and others whenever needed, providing a sense of self-sufficiency and empowerment.

Whether you’re looking to protect your energy, enhance your spiritual skillset, or simply find healing, Reiki can help you.

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