Your Own Spiritual Journey

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Me, Myself & I… your own spiritual journey

You’re always using your gifts to help others, but how often do you spend reflecting on your own path?

We always say ”You can’t pour from an empty cup,” but are you (like most of us) not practising what you preach?

This 4-week transformational journey is for you if:

  • You find yourself frustrated and tired, rarely having time for yourself, but want to feel better
  • You question your path in life, your purpose, and your direction, but seek clarity and flow
  • You feel unsure or even embarrassed about your spiritual gifts and want to stand firmly in your power instead

How it works

Through a series of live meditations, manifestations and guidance from Granny Drusilla & Rachael, we will work together for 4 weeks in a small, intimate group to help you achieve all that you desire.

Week 1 – Confidence: stop hiding your light

Week 2 – Timing: why are you here now?

Week 3 – Purpose: how to find soul fulfilment

Week 4 – Love: who your soulmates are and how they feature in your life

Take the time to focus on your own journey and watch your dreams take shape – and find that in the end, you’re even better able to help others.

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