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Bespoke support to master your psychic abilities, call on your guides, and grow your confidence (and your business)!

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You have clarity and confidence when it comes to your psychic abilities, you can easily contact your guides (and the guides of your clients), and your spiritual business is aligned and thriving.

This six week program is fully one-to-one and completely customised to your goals, be they personal or professional (or a mix of the two!)

You’ll have personalised support and an expert in your pocket every single step of the way.

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If you want:

  • Individualised attention outside of a group setting or rigid structure
  • To learn in a safe space and practise free of judgement
  • Improved confidence in using your psychic abilities, whether for yourself or clients
  • To be able to call on Guides for yourself or clients
  • A direct line to my Guide and Great Grandmother Granny Drusilla
  • To earn more money via your spiritual business

Then this Psychic Mastery Intensive is perfect for you.

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Meet Rachael, your friend and teacher

Rachael Rawnsley is a Psychic Development Mentor, Reiki Master, and Past Life Therapist who has been psychic since she was three years old.

Over the years, she developed her skills with the help of her Spirit Guide and Great Grandmother: Granny Drusilla.

For over two decades, she’s studied, practised, and run a successful spiritual business, serving others with Psychic readings, Palmistry, Reiki healing, and more.

In a world where spirituality has become a buzzword and people sell fake Reiki certifications online, her commitment to integrity, authenticity, and celebrating uniqueness has created a safe haven for others to embrace their own gifts and callings.

While she offers group programs as well as a membership community, she realised that there was a need for one to one support, and thus the Psychic Mastery Intensive was born.

Here’s what my clients say

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What you get:

This is the only way to work with Rachael one to one, so there are only two spaces available.
This ensures that you get all the attention and support you need!

It includes:

Weekly calls with Rachel
(think of them as a hybrid of a mastermind and group program- except it’s all about you)

Voxer support between calls
(so you’re never on your own)

A fully customised program to meet your goals
(whether they be personal or professional)

It’s called an intensive for a reason- this is the best way to really dive in and rekindle that passion and fire for your spiritual self!

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What if I don’t have a business?

You absolutely don’t need a spiritual business to get the most out of this time with Rachael.

As a Psychic Development Mentor, she’s been helping others to explore and master their gifts for decades.

While she also has experience running a successful business and helping others to do the same,
this 6 weeks is fully customised to your needs.
No business necessary.

Meet Granny Drusilla

Rachael’s Great Grandmother Drusilla has been guiding her since she was only a child.

Via Spirit, she taught Rachael Palmistry and helped her truly embrace her gift- even when she didn’t want to.
She even pointed out the man that Rachael would eventually marry, telling her “he’s the one.”

Granny Dru will be looking after you as well during these 6 weeks, providing her own guidance and support through Rachael.

Ready to master your psychic abilities?

If you want bespoke support to master your psychic abilities, call on your guides, and grow your confidence (or your business), apply now.

With only two spaces available at £2222,
this offer won’t last long!

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